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Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager
Austin, Texas



Created and curated the initial social media strategy across all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok), ensuring a cohesive online brand identity • Develop & maintain an optimal post schedule considering customer traffic and engagement and initiatives across other marketing channels • Wrote copy for social posts with 100% grammatical accuracy • Growth in channels averaged 100 new followers, 250K impressions, 1K engagements per month • Research influencers and engaged with them within the influencer platform • Coordinate with PR and Marketing teams to identify and hire content creators for paid collaborations to align with current and future campaigns • Plan and report on organic social media content, ensuring all content aligns with the broader brand communications plan and brand positioning • Managed 100+ influencers developing over 300 pieces of UGC, half a million impressions, 75K engagements, and an overall reach of six million across Instagram and TikTok • Launched first-ever NIL campaign working directly with college athletes through the OpenDorse platform • Managed 300+ athletes, creative strategy and budget for general campaigns and long-term brand ambassador campaigns • Facilitate community engagement through online conversations with customers and responses to questions across channels • Collaborate with the Customer Experience team to ensure customer needs are addressed on all social platforms • Pitched, developed, and produced original content for TikTok and Instagram reels • Report all social and influencer KPIs every week, including referral traffic to the website and conversion rate from influencer campaigns

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