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Social Media and Influencer Marketing Professional

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A seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the dynamic realm of social media and influencer marketing. My journey in the digital media industry began in 2011 when social media started taking shape as a vital marketing tool. Since then, I've dedicated myself to crafting compelling brand narratives and driving impactful engagement across various platforms.


From my early days managing content for and,  I delved deeper into the realm of influencer management at Nulo Pet Food, which ultimately paved the way for my venture into the exciting world of NIL marketing in 2021. Drawing from my extensive expertise, I took the leap to establish my own NIL marketing agency, where I worked closely with notable brands such as Bijan Mustardson and Everytable. Focused on brand strategy development and social media prowess, I have remained at the forefront of the dynamic digital marketing landscape. Having collaborated with prominent sports agencies, athletes, and burgeoning brands, I have dedicated myself to nurturing genuine connections and driving substantial business growth. It has been a privilege to contribute to and witness the transformative evolution of the digital marketing sphere. I am continually inspired to explore innovative ways to make a lasting impact in this ever-evolving industry.


Currently serving as a Social Media Marketing Manager at Jaipur Living, I have further refined my skills in content strategy development across various social media platforms. With a focus on community engagement, trend analysis, and comprehensive metrics tracking, I continuously strive to stay ahead of market trends and create compelling, innovative content that resonates with our audience.


I thrive on the ever-evolving nature of the digital space. I am always eager to explore new ways to create impactful, memorable brand experiences for my clients and their audiences.

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“Social media is a contact sport.”
— Margaret Molloy

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