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Jaipur Living

2023 - Present

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager
Atlanta, Georgia 


Assist the VP, Brand & Content in integrating the brand vision and messaging into diverse social media platforms, employing data-driven strategies to support business objectives. • Oversee content creation and publication across various platforms, including Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn • Develop and maintain a comprehensive multi-channel social media calendar, aligning content with key business initiatives and leveraging cultural moments to maximize brand impact. • Analyzing data and extracting actionable insights to drive business and brand growth, emphasizing interaction rates and audience expansion through regular analytics reports. • Strategically execute pre-event content plans and captured and shared live photos and videos during pivotal moments, fostering real-time engagement and brand resonance. • Orchestrate successful influencer campaigns, leveraging strategic partnerships to amplify brand reach and engagement, resulting in increased brand visibility and resonance. • Collaborate closely with the Brand & Content Lead to synchronize paid social and organic strategies, fostering audience growth and maximizing the impact of marketing efforts. • Ensured prompt and on-brand responses to customer comments and inquiries, maintaining a positive brand image through effective community management. • Proactively monitor consumer trends and technological advancements, staying abreast of strategic changes that impact business goals and brand positioning. •

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